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Entry #197


11/18/13 by Krutches

Nothing has been really great the past month. I mean, my relationship has been okay, I guess..... I guess. What has ya'll n***a's days been like?


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Yep, I've seen the facebook pics, thats as far as I am gonna go.



My month's been fucking great. I got a girlfriend and she's dope as fuck. I've been doing school work as lazily as possible, but nobody is bitching at me for it because I'm still getting great grades. I might be getting a really easy job after Christmas. We should talk on Skype sumtiem fagget.

11/19/13 Krutches responds:

I'll be on now, faggot. You still a virgin?



Full of consternation against things I can't change... apparently. Sounds like you need some sorta 'family fun time', to focus on each other, keep things lively and not getting upset at all the little things she does that annoy you.

Or I'm just projecting.. it's been a while since I had a steady woman.