Entry #166

Boycotting NG

2012-07-25 02:06:19 by Krutches

I was banned from the forums (IN WHICH I NEVER POST BUT RARELY) for making a snarky comment on a picture of a nude family. It was something about a kids penis not being circumcised and that its really small and I've had a cheese wheel since birth.

Anyways, this type of nazism that is keeping me from enjoying the full experience of Newgrounds for trying to make light of a dark situation is what makes me dislike this place. It's dying slowly, everything passes, no one puts heart in their work... It's just not worth it to continue making Solo Flash for NG.

So, I'm boycotting NG. I will make no Solo Flash for NG and only participate in Collabs hosted at SoupSquad.com

Fuck the police.

Boycotting NG


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2012-07-25 19:12:37