Entry #198

Krutches - The Name

2014-01-16 00:04:49 by Krutches

Guess I'll be giving you faggots the reason my name is Krutches. It's not cool a cool story, it's anti climatic and pree gay.

Highschool - 2009 - Freshman Year




"Hey, we should play WoW sometime. We could make deathknights together on my server."

"Sure, Detheroc right?"

"Yeah. My name is Wheelchair."

"I can't think of a name..."

"How about Crutches?"


"Try Krutches."


There we have it.


A week later we were practicing for marching band and the nurses office was unlocked. We stole a pair of crutches and a wheel chair and fucked around with it for a while. The end.


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