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Entry #229

I'm back

2016-11-24 02:01:15 by Krutches

Hey guys

Who are you talking to?

The few people that might be listening

Oh, continue

Well, I'm back for a while. I've been trying to deal with life lately. Lost my car, had some financial problems and had a child. I'm going to be trying to get some sort of something going, animation, cartoon, what have you.

That's good.

Shut up. Anyways, feel free to hit me up in skype with a text message, sorry I can't talk on the mic as much as I used to since the babe's been birthed.

Nice alliteration.

Thanks. So send me a hiya, or whatever. It's been kinda lonely the past few months. The few friends I had seemed to vanish or just be a bit difficult to get along with. Looking to hang out with anyone now a days as I've just become a social pariah.




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2016-11-24 08:31:07

Welcome back!


2017-03-04 04:01:43

Oh, and the chat's back. Looking for some hangouts? Not the best place to go, but it's a place to go.