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Krutches's News

Posted by Krutches - November 23rd, 2018

So I uh tried to set myself on fire.

Went to a mental health clinic or as I call it a looney bin.

Stayed for a week.

Got high the moment I left.

The family thought I was trying to overdose and kill myself so I wound up in the hospital.

From there I went to the no insurance discount looney bin.

Stayed for a few days longer than the other one even though I insisted I was just doing my regular routine.

They apparently think my regular routine is a "problem".

Now on a mood stabilizer for my manic depression.

Uh, kinda moved to the middle of nowhere while my house is being sold.

That's about it.


Posted by Krutches - October 18th, 2018

Most people in my life don't give a shit about me, or they do and they just don't show it.

I guess that's on me though.

I feel like a fucking homeless man's god damn sleeping bag with a tear in it. Tons of fuzz falling out.



Fuck marriage, fuck dating, fuck social responsibilities if they can be so easily destroyed and not even fucking have any relevance then what the fuck.


I feel like Dante if he went to Florida in Clerks 2. I wish I had a Randall, or a fucking shotgun shell in my brain.




I've been writing, that helps but I have nothing to write for, or live for anymore.


Shit is just bullshit.





Posted by Krutches - September 26th, 2018

So today I decided to check in with one of what I consider Newgrounds up and coming artists, a guy who was in a role I was in a long time back. We spoke for a few moments about his artistic principles and plans for life. He gave a great expose of what it was that makes up The Something that is Jacob.

Here in lies the great interview that I, Krutches, have bestowed upon you the viewer, to decypher and digest as you read our interaction in the English language. Thank you and good night.

KrutchesToday at 11:16 PM
Jacob F.Today at 11:16 PM
KrutchesToday at 11:16 PM
what is
Jacob F.Today at 11:16 PM
i'm going to finish a video
otherwise idk
KrutchesToday at 11:17 PM
I wish I made videos again
Jacob F.Today at 11:17 PM
you never posted a video?
then again neither have i
this isn't even for my channel
KrutchesToday at 11:17 PM
I just make half assed shit all the time
but I used to make animations
I miss that
But yeah whats the video about
Jacob F.Today at 11:18 PM
KrutchesToday at 11:18 PM
and do these robots
do things
Jacob F.Today at 11:19 PM
they do stuff
KrutchesToday at 11:19 PM
thats cool
robots doing things would be a good name
for a book
Jacob F.Today at 11:19 PM
pin that idea
Krutches pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.Today at 11:19 PM
KrutchesToday at 11:20 PM
so these thigns
let me whip myself
for that mistake
Jacob F.Today at 11:20 PM
are you done
KrutchesToday at 11:20 PM
okay I'm done
Jacob F.Today at 11:20 PM
KrutchesToday at 11:20 PM
So these things.
These things the robots do
are they
Jacob F.Today at 11:20 PM
these are things they do
KrutchesToday at 11:20 PM
are they interesting?
Jacob F.Today at 11:21 PM
they go around and assault humans and one of them dies in a fire
KrutchesToday at 11:21 PM
This fire.
Is it
Is it hot?
Jacob F.Today at 11:21 PM
i think so
KrutchesToday at 11:21 PM
Okay cool, great interview.
Thanks for doing this.
Jacob F.Today at 11:21 PM
KrutchesToday at 11:21 PM
Yeah, totally.

Well then, we can see that this artist is very motivated and probably going to do great things in the near future. What can we expect? Well we can expect robots. Robots who do things. Things that include assaulting humans and then...

One, at least one of them dies in a fire. Perhaps the humans, perhaps the robots. Either way, there will be a fire and it will be hot. Hot I tell you, as hot as my loins right now awaiting this mysterious video that is from, once again, from

The Something that is Jacob


Posted by Krutches - September 20th, 2018

They made my head clear. They made me my best. They made me do what I needed to do.

They made me be what I wanted to be, it's all new to me.

I feel I don't deserve it.

It's all so new for me.

All my past... I have to know.

I have to know the truth, and today I'll open that gate.

Today I open the portal to Truth.

Posted by Krutches - September 5th, 2018

Job interviews.

Went to dominos, eh. Guy never showed up who was supposed to interview me. Waited like 3 hours.

Got another one tomorrow at some business business, they were talking about maybe putting me on management.

Can't wait until I can start making money again so I can alienate everyone I hate and introvert myself to the point of never leaving the house except for when I have to.

Totally going to save my cash this time instead of wind up trying to find someone and waste of all my $$$

I'm literally going to be single for the rest of my life because I want to save up all of my money to make more money to make more money to make more money.

And when I die I want it all burned.


Posted by Krutches - July 4th, 2018

Hello all, again as I always say: "Sorry for no new content." (Have scripts written and tons of unfinished shit, but...)

Been hanging out with Kolumbo  more. Been doing more internet shit as of late due to circumstances.

Those circumstances are mostly the lack of responsibilities I have now due to the fact that

(Main news)
My wife relapsed with her mental condition and went to a ward for psychiatric health. I lost custody of my son (I was a full time father, so more free time.) then my wife got "better" and decided to leave me and try to skip town.

Looking for a job again, maintaining the property, hiding from bills, etc.


Been spreading political messages again, currently for the Libertarian party and various nominees I support. My motto there is "Even though we're going to lose, we can try to get a bigger percentage than last year." Whole point of my operation is to try and make a 3rd party canidate more viable.
However this is boring so don't bother reading that.

Had court recently for guardianship, and once I go through some parenting classes, therapy, and drug screens(XD) I'll be able to get him. After I do that for 6-12 months that is. Judge hated me, but at least I showed up unlike... anyways.

Hope you all are doing good, friends and fans alike.

If I'm able to without feeling guilty for "wasting time" I'll try to produce some more content. Though it will be slower than my old upload times. I'm mostly scared of publishing after such a long hiatus; I'm not used to arting anymore.


Posted by Krutches - April 20th, 2018

Love what you did with the site Tom. Everything feels more spacey.

I've been busy grown upping and adulting and parenting, as well as

being burdened with my enormous self loathing and other depressing

subjects. However I feel this year will at least get better somewhat

due to the fact that the world is a cycle, and I have to time these things

so that I can get a job and fix my car. Money will be coming in for most

so that means they'll spend more on frivilous things, which is my job.


I've been volunteering more, and trying to make more friends but you have to take what you get.

Love you all,

Posted by Krutches - August 24th, 2016

He's cute.

Posted by Krutches - May 18th, 2016


Posted by Krutches - December 31st, 2015

Congrada-frickin-lations newgrounds, you get to endure another generation of shitty animations from my loins.

Just as you thought I was dead, my wife is gonna pop out a me the likes of which you'll never fathom.

Dick jokes are planned for the future. Animations too, sure, yeaaah. Right.