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Lovely. A great remake of a classic cartoon. Wonderful animation and drawing style. Good message and funny twist. 5/5

Kolumbo responds:

Thank you for your kind words, stranger.

You glorious bastard. I love Tom Lehrer, thank god someone still remembers him. Had a great style and lots of references hidden about. Wonderful twist at the end. Love to see future renditions of his songs by you. If anything, please try to add more in-between frames and when animating back and forth, remember that when one goes forward at the end of his forward motion he goes backward just about an inch; vice versa I believe we call it Easing?

Perfect. Huge pay off, and great twists.

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Mario tennis came out for the virtual boy in 1995, dickweed

This is one of the best flash games I have ever played on newgrounds, and that's coming from an old dude.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

21 is old? lol

Definitely shows promise. It just doesn't have any story or point to it. I recommend making something that has a story line and goals to complete and some sort of challenge before uploading it to the portal, since it's meant for finished work, not just demos.

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Had this on my MP3 Player as I went to be last night...
I had forgot I had left my loop on...
So many nightmares... :'c


Meeeeh meeeeeh meeeeeeeh!!!

Evil-Iron responds:

That is the sound of a deer dying :)

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I love it. I feel the lemon is to be crude, and the armadillo is to protect. The creature in the chair is able to teach moderation to the hostile middle finger. With moderation a pine-cone will grow up, as his finger is up, but the devil doesn't realize and thinks the creature is being tormented.

beautiful and veluptious

Huell Juice by Cinco.

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