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I hate what I've become
I hate what this world has become
I hate what everything has become

Except my son, he's cool.
He does all sortsa cool shit.



Fucking Writers Block

2017-03-19 07:20:59 by Krutches

I used to make content like every day.
I would make the shittiest art and be proud of it.
Now I can't make the simplest shit, I can't come up with any good comedies, and if I do I can barely get myself to animate it.

I fucking hate myself and the wreck of an artist I've become.

I'm back

2016-11-24 02:01:15 by Krutches

Hey guys

Who are you talking to?

The few people that might be listening

Oh, continue

Well, I'm back for a while. I've been trying to deal with life lately. Lost my car, had some financial problems and had a child. I'm going to be trying to get some sort of something going, animation, cartoon, what have you.

That's good.

Shut up. Anyways, feel free to hit me up in skype with a text message, sorry I can't talk on the mic as much as I used to since the babe's been birthed.

Nice alliteration.

Thanks. So send me a hiya, or whatever. It's been kinda lonely the past few months. The few friends I had seemed to vanish or just be a bit difficult to get along with. Looking to hang out with anyone now a days as I've just become a social pariah.



Baby Came

2016-08-24 20:45:56 by Krutches

He's cute.

Baby Is A Coming

2016-07-23 12:32:19 by Krutches

So for those of you not in the know this is the abridged version of the past few months/years?:

Did Drugs
Escaped Bitch
Loved Dove
Left Dove
Found Girl
Did Drugs
Lost Girl
Shaved Head
Got Girl Back
Married Girl
Turned Girl into Woman
Tempted by Past
Dove saved me
Made Woman Pregnant
Tempted by Evil
Dove saved me
Did Drugs
Did Drugs
Did Drugs
Did Drugs
Did Drugs
Quit Drugs
Baby Doses
Waiting for Baby so I can have something to Quit For.

So that's the past while. Sorry I haven't made animations, videos or skyped or hung out a lot lately.
I've been in hell. My mom treats me like a work horse, my wife treats me like I'm supposed to be perfect or else, and her family treats me like shit.

So once this little bundle of heaven comes out,

I'll be able to be me again.


i hope~


2016-05-18 15:00:19 by Krutches


im done

I'm going to try and produce more materiel into the world. I'm sorry that I have been lacking lately. Lots of things have came to light, but no excuse is worthy. I should have been putting my passion into creating, and I am sorry for not doing that.


So that's a thing. I'm working on a point and click game that is amazing and she's doing freelance. Hit us up if you guys need any art done. 

K-ruuuuuutches and Soteh

and you guys, my art shit is increasing. anyways. the babies kicking and we gotta go nappies but love you all. Hit me up if you wanna work on a project with me.